Ten Tips for Fast Link Building

Ten Tips for Fast Link Building

Link building is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization, as it plays important role in determining the rank of the website on the search engines. Hence, it is essential to have a fast and relevant link building system that not only bring more traffic to your site but also help in getting high rank on the search engines. This piece of information will provide you ten tips that enable the user to build up a fast link building system. Here are they:

1. Forum posting

It is one of the easiest and the best ways for fast link building. First search the forums that are related to your subject, accepts your signature with follow links and have a good page rank. Start posting comments in those forums on regular basis. As a result you will be adding a good number of backlinks to your website.

2. Posting as guests

It is not mandatory that you should build up your own blog, though it is beneficial in building backlinks. You can posts relevant comments at the blogs that accept posts from guests along with their links. Make sure you check out for spam. Try to find out blogs with high ranking.

3. Submitting to directories

Though directory submissions are not that fruitful, but they work well if you submit your site to the directories of the popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

4. Publishing a press release

As soon as your website in on air, you must publish a press release. Following the specific format, try to make it enticing for the readers.

5. Social bookmarking

It is the most effective technique for relevant link building, if followed subtly. Submit your site to the social bookmarking sites correctly and you will get huge number of visitors to your site in return.

6. Article Marketing

Article marketing proves to be an effective tool for link building. With the help of article distribution services, only a couple of article can be sent to a number of article directories at a single go. Such kind of article directories permits to publish matching content, so you don’t have to deal with the issue of plagiarism.

7. Link Exchange

You can exchange link with other party to attract more traffic to your site. It is the perfect option to building a link network.

8. Publishing an article for the highest ranking site

It is a good idea to publish a high-quality, unique article for the website with the highest ranking. Ask the authorized webmaster to have a back link to your website.

9. Make use of short URLs

To get faster with the process of link building, make use of shorter URLs. They tend to speed up the process by more than 50%.

10. Use a variety of keywords as Anchor Text

Last but not least, using different keywords as Anchor Text is bound to get more traffic than a single keyword. Switch the order of Anchor Text to get new variations.

Use these easy tips to build a relevant link building network in no time and attract the targeted traffic to your website.