Article Writing and Submission for SEO

Article Writing and Submission for SEO

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Among the many innovative online marketing tools used by the marketer’s today article writing and submission is one of the most important ones. Article writing is extensively used by the SEO’s for the link building purpose along with the general promotion of the site and the business. There are many specialized businesses that offer article writing and submission at varying rates. However, one can do it themselves as well.

There are various strategies to easily create an effective article. The very first step is to be absolutely clear about the purpose of the article. You could be writing an article to attract more visitors hence increase business, to simply establish you’re self as a writer or for a submission to a trade or print publication. Once you are clear with the purpose, understanding the steps to develop an interesting article becomes really easy. This makes the process of research easy too.

You can then start with the title. This helps you to focus on the topic and not include unnecessary details. You can organize your article in word format and add details as you move forward. You could include an outline as a part of the article, the size of which will depend on the length of the article

The next step now is to develop a particular idea. For instance when writing a promotional article make sure to keep the audience or the target customer in mind along with details such as what exactly their needs are.

The length of the article depends completely on the purpose. For example an article written for promotion will not have more than five hundred to seven hundred words. These articles do not need much research either.

The most important aspect that should never be forgotten is that when writing an article always keep your reader in mind.

The next important step after writing the article is the submission.

Getting your article distributed online for greater visibility is called “Viral marketing”. Articles are most commonly submitted on article directory that is relevant to your site. This article then gets picked by webmasters. The articles works as an effective tool to create links garner positive response to the website. These articles usually attract the targeted traffic that can easily be converted to sales and hence profits.

Your article can be picked up by any one and placed on their website for the unique content. This way the links are picked too and your site has massive exposure to target audience and the top few search engines too.

Relevance of the articles plays an important role in article submission. An in-depth research needs to be done for successful outcome. This process may be tedious but completely worth the time spent to attract the target audience to the web site.

So write an engaging, informative and interesting article related to your website and hire a submission service or simply research the innumerable article directories and submit your article for great results!